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Epic Dinner – Dinner Party 3

For several months, two of my friends and I have been planning on having a many course tasting menu.  It kept getting pushed back, but we finally made it happen Friday. We started planning the menu the weekend before.  We decided 5 courses per person was a a manageable amount.  In the end, one of us cheated, so we had one more than the planned 15.  We spent all day prepping.  The actual dinner took about 5 hours, which is pretty good when 3 people are taking turns cooking 15 dishes.  Six people, three couples, 15 courses, 1 bottle of champagne, 2 bottles of sake, 1 bottle of white wine, 2 bottles of red wine, and some scotch to finish.  Good Night!

Cold Dishes

Watermelon Soup Shot

Course 1

ginger liqueur foam

Really refreshing start with more of an alcoholic punch than I expected.  Cocktails are better when Isi Whips are involved.


Cubed Hamachi

Course 2

avocado, jalapeño, smoked ponzu, puffed rice   

Amping up classic flavors!  The smoke and puffed rice added a lot.


King Crab in Gelatin

Course 3

seaweed, saffron, caviar, wasabi ice

The gelatin recipe is from Alinea.  The complete dish is meant to be a deconstructed piece of nigiri.  I omitted the rice, because we were having so many courses and i didn’t want to fill up on carbs.  The gelatin is very vinegary.  I added the wasabi ice to try to cut through the sourness.  The ice definitely helped, but it was still too acidic.


Chilled Angel Hair Pasta

 Course 4

black truffle pearls, kombu, chives

This dish also has a sour element from the white wine vinegar in the dressing, but it’s much more subtle.  Truffle pearls are a fun ingredient.  You can confuse people’s palates by omitting that these aren’t caviar.


Uni 1

Course 5

stracciatella,  caviar, arugula ice

This recipe is from the Roberta’s Cookbook.  I couldn’t find Nasturtium anywhere in NYC, so I substituted for arugula.  Obviously, these are different, but they both have a peppery element.  The dish worked quite well.  All the flavors really stand out nicely and compliment each other.


Maguro Carpaccio

Course 6

foie gras, baguette

This dish is from Le Bernardin.  It’s awesome.


Foie Gras Lollipop

Course 7

chocolate, nuts, 30-year old balsamic

This dish stays savory despite the chocolate.  This is one of those guilty dishes that I don’t feel guilty eating.  I want another one now.



Uni 2

Course 8

lardo and baguette

Fatty uni, fatty lardo, crisp baguette.  Smile…


Grilled Asparagus

Course 9

trout roe, poached egg yolk

 This is another recipe from Roberta’s.  I loved it.  All the flavors really worked well.  I cheated a little though.  Instead of following the sake marinade for the trout roe, I just used mirin.


Pork Belly Dumplings

Course 10

corn soup, summer succotash

 If a southern chef spent some time in Italy and France, came home, and developed a dish using local ingredients, I believe they would make this.  In this case, that wasn’t the case, but it was really good.


Salt Baked Fingerling Potatoes

Course 11

herb crème fraiche

This is based on a dish we had at Blanca.  Salty goodness.  If you haven’t been to Blanca, it’s the best restaurant in NYC right now (maybe the country).


Abura Ramen

Course 12

bone marrow, quail egg, menma, caviar

Ramen is supposed to be fatty and salty.  I love both of these flavors.  This dish was my way of saying yes to both of these.  HEAVEN


Smoked Miyazaki Wagyu

Course 13

daikon broth, Japanese shiitake

 First time seeing someone use a smoking gun.  It worked really well.  Wagyu and mesquite smoke go great together; shocking.


Chicken “Porchetta”

Course 14

foie gras, truffled pommes puree, fried Brussel sprouts, chicken jus

We were a little full and tired at this point and forgot to take a shot of this dish plated.  It was really, really good.  Two chicken breasts wrapped around foie gras and tied, sous vide, then deep fried.  Good savory finish.



Mascarpone Sorbet

Course 15

berry soup, fresh berries, mint

Mascarpone sorbet is like the creamiest, best ice cream you’ve ever had.  I want more.


Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Course 16

buckwheat ice cream, black sesame tuille, Macallan simple syrup

 I took my ice cream out to soften a few minutes early.  🙁  The Macallan simple syrup was awesome.  I made a standard simple syrup but added more water than normal, so it wasn’t so sweet.  Then I added 25% by volume of Macallan 12yr.



I’m missing some shots.


I left early to get home to my desperate puppy.  He made me miss this.



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