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Grill Day A.K.A. Labor Day

Labor day is one of the last great days for grilling before the weather starts to cool down.  At least everyone says something along those lines, I like grilling in a sweater, BUT any excuse for a BBQ works for me.  With that in mind, everyone will be grilling burgers and hot dogs.  Nothing wrong with either, but if you feel like stepping up your game a little, try making lobster.  Some lobster enthusiasts believe lobster should only be cooked in a pot of boiling liquid.  They are wrong.  Grilled lobster is awesome.  You have to be careful not to overcook it, but like all grilling, you get a smoky flavor that only comes from grilling.

Step 1

Buy live lobsters.  They taste better.

Step 2

Kill and split the lobsters.  Take a sharp, strong knife, place the tip behind the lobster’s head, quickly poke the knife into the lobster and cut down through the lobster’s head.  This is the best way to kill the lobster.  Sometimes, the lobster will flop around for a bit.  The lobster is dead.  The twitching is just nerves (think chicken with its head chopped off).  Finish cutting the lobster in half.  Place each side of the lobster shell side down until you’re ready to cook them.  Butcher the lobsters just a couple minutes before you’re planning to grill them.  (You can also crack / beat the claws a little with the back of the knife to put some breaks in the shell.  This makes it easier to eat later on.)

If you don’t like the lobster tomalley, you can scrape it out at this point.  I don’t recommend it though.  This is one of the best parts.  It doesn’t have the best texture, but the flavor is incredible.  If you don’t like the texture, spread some on toast after grilling.  YUM!

Step 3


This is the part most people mess up.  Place them on the grill shell side down, so the juices can’t drip out.  You want to leave them alone while they cook or you risk losing the juice.  Baste with garlic butter while cooking.  Once they are just opaque, no longer translucent, they’re done.

Grilling Lobster 14

Step 4

Eat! (You may or may not need to season with a little bit of salt).

Grilling Lobster on Platter 47