Chocolate Cake 63
Sliced Grilled Flatbread 66

Grilled Flatbread

This is an easy recipe and impresses people!  How many BBQs…
Platter of Grilled Lobster 38

Grill Day A.K.A. Labor Day

Labor day is one of the last great days for grilling before the…
Sliced Dry-Aged Steak Sliced Duck Breasts Brussel Sprout Salad Mashed Potatoes and Red Wine Reduction on Platter

Dinner Party 4

What happens when you have an extra 70 day dry-aged steak from…
White Neapolitan Clam Pizza with Bacon the standard blog5

Clam Pizza

A friend of mine requested clam pizza over the weekend.  He…
Birthday Menu and Place Setting

Birthday Party

My wife knows I love food, but she can't cook.  For my birthday,…
Plate of Home Made Ramen with Sous Vide Chashu

Ramen Night

I love ramen, and I take it very seriously. This night turned…
Chalkboard Menu for Epic Dinner

Epic Dinner - Dinner Party 3

For several months, two of my friends and I have been planning…
Foie Gras Parfait with Pomegranite Jelly, Toasted Panko, and Pickled Mustard Seeds

Dinner Party 2

The theme of this dinner was fat.  It wasn't intentional, but…
Dinner Menu

Dinner Party 1

My wife and I like throwing dinner parties.  This meal was a…