Good Eggs Food Delivery Review

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While flipping through tech blogs a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Good Eggs, a startup that combines grocery delivery with local, sustainable farmers.  Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you’d think there would be a limitless supply of quality produce at every corner, but there isn’t.  The grocery stores stock some local, organic produce, but it’s often on its way out by the time it makes it to the shelves.  That gives me roughly one evening to eat the food before it spoils.  That means I have to shop everyday or have a fridge/pantry full of rotten food.  There is a farmers market on Saturday that is great.  The downside is taking up a big chunk of my weekend to shop for food rather than hanging out with friends or family.  Taking all of this into account, is why I was excited about Good Eggs.

At this point, some of you are probably thinking, “what about Fresh Direct?!”  They are great and convenient, but I have two main problems with Fresh Direct.  1 They use a crazy amount of packaging.  2 Some of their produce has been hit or miss.  This isn’t a review of Fresh Direct though, so back to Good Eggs.

The Process

Good Eggs ProcessJust like every other online grocery store, you select your items, choose a delivery date and time, and pay.  The difference is what happens after you place your order.  With Good Eggs, they order your items directly from the farms and bakers that supply them.  Rather than packing stale bread or rotten produce, they wait until they have your order, so they can get your food directly from multiple suppliers, pack it together in a grocery bag, and drop it off at your house, apartment, condo, shoe box, castle, or wherever you live.  This means fresher, higher quality food.

My Order

I liked their business model, so I figured I should test it out.

I placed my order online and two days later a very pleasant young woman showed up at my door with a bag of groceries.  She was very polite, thanked me for me order, and gently handed me my order.  This was much nicer than the typical pizza delivery guy or Fresh Direct delivery guy that throws your boxes of food around like a bag of sand (or some other material that can’t be hurt by tossing).

I immediately emptied the bag to check out all of the goodies I received.

Everything was amazing!  The produce was perfect, and the fish smelled of an ocean (not like rotten fish).  I couldn’t have asked for better food.  I appreciated the bonus gift of tomatoes too!

I ate well that night.  My plating was kind of ugly though…

Fluke Wild Rice Roasted Carrots Onion 30

The Good

  • Easy to order.
  • I don’t have to go to the store.
  • Awesome food!
  • Reasonable prices.

The Bad

  • I’m impatient and don’t like waiting 2 days to get my food.
  • Not all of the food is available the same day.
  • They make you put down a deposit for the cold bag.  I understand why, but it’s just something else for me to remember.
  • They charge you to pick your delivery time.  If you chose an open delivery window, then it’s free.  I understand why they do this.  I don’t want to wait for hours for a delivery though, and paying for something that is free bothers me.  If I had to pay no matter what, I might prefer it.


Overall, Good Eggs was a great experience, and I’d recommend them to anyone.  Despite loving the service, I haven’t placed a second order yet.  I definitely will in the near future, but waiting two days to get food is just too much planning for me.  Hopefully, I’ll figure out a way to incorporate them into my schedule, but I’d prefer same day service.  I would use that all of the time.

More Information

Good Eggs received a lot of money in funding, so it’s around to stay.

Their Mission: To Grow and sustain local food systems worldwide.

They are currently operating in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York.


Note: At the time of writing this, I didn’t have any affiliation with Good Eggs.  I signed up and paid for my order just like any other customer.